The Venga Story: A Journey of Growth, Innovation, and Evolution

The Venga Story: A Journey of Growth, Innovation, and Evolution

In 2001, a seasoned Wisconsin dentist named Dr. Terry Cowgill found himself grappling with a problem. His dental office was using an old-school, lighted button system for communication. While it served its basic purpose, the system was far from perfect. It was cumbersome to learn and use, placed unnecessary restrictions on his team's ability to communicate, and drained resources for its maintenance.

Realizing the need for change, Dr. Cowgill turned to his trusted friend, Matt Weinbender, a seasoned software developer. He hoped that Matt could conjure a solution that would combine the functionality of the old system with the efficiency of modern technology.

Inspired by Dr. Cowgill's request, Matt set to work. His vision was clear: to create a computer-based version of the lighted button system that would improve workflow and communication in dental offices. Thus, Venga was born. A system that started as a simple idea was now a reality, set to revolutionize communication in dental practices.

As Venga grew, it began to evolve. No longer just a digital version of the old lighted button system, it was expanded to include a wide range of features, such as messaging, becoming a comprehensive communication solution.

Today, Venga is a well-known name in dental offices across the globe, a testament to its success. A story that started with a simple problem in a then small dental practice in Wisconsin has now become a global tale of innovation and transformation

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