Venga Paging and Messaging System Version 5.6.1 Has Been Released

AppleButter Software has released version 5.6.1 of its popular Venga office paging and messaging system.

Along with Venga's computer paging and messaging functions, version 5.6.1 introduces a new, modernized user interface and includes many new features, such as an “edge lock” feature, which adds the ability to lock Venga to the edge of the screen. Other new features include user status indicators on the main Venga console, a new color picker and button decorations, and a revamped multi-color sticky notes function, which allows the user to set visual and auditory reminders for themselves.

Venga is a discrete messaging software that uses unique colors and sounds to streamline communication. It is designed to improve patient flow, eliminate the need for overhead, walkie talkie, or lighted button paging systems, and ultimately help its users run a more productive practice. Its interface is simple, fun to use, and is proven effective. Venga uses an office's existing computer network to create a powerful, real-time communicator and works alongside practice management software. It is non-obtrusive and streamlines office workflow, helping employees communicate more clearly, more directly and even more discreetly than ever before.

Originally developed over 21 years ago for state-of-the-art dental, medical, chiropractic, veterinary, and eye care offices, Venga has been continually improved and is known as one of the most flexible, modern, innovative, and feature-rich pieces of intra-office communication software available today.

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