Venga 5.6.22 Has Been Released

AppleButter Software is excited to announce the release of Venga version 5.6.22, the latest update to its widely recognized office paging and messaging system. This update underscores AppleButter Software's ongoing commitment to delivering a robust and efficient communication solution that enhances productivity within practice environments.

Key Updates in Venga 5.6.22:

The new release addresses several bugs that have been rectified to ensure a seamless user experience:

  1. Resolved a bug where messaging a zone with a sending user having 'Me' in their name resulted in code appearing in the message on the recipient’s computer.
  2. Fixed a server-side error pertaining to an invalid subscript reference on station config pull.
  3. Rectified an issue with Reset Window Positions if Always On Top Prompt - ensuring the prompt will not be hidden behind the console, thus making it accessible.
  4. Solved an issue where stations waiting at login were erroneously counted against the license limit.

Venga continues to be a discrete messaging software that utilizes unique colors and sounds to facilitate streamlined communication within practices. Designed to enhance patient flow and eradicate the requirement for overhead, walkie talkie, or lighted button paging systems, Venga has proven to be an indispensable tool for a more productive practice. With a user-friendly interface, it leverages an office's existing computer network to provide a powerful real-time communication solution, while working harmoniously alongside practice management software.

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